Friday, March 13, 2009

I've Been Bad!

Sorry folks! If there is anyone who is still out there. The past week has been busy and (of course) filled with too much Facebook.

Part of the problem has been that my work hours have been increased. Two of the people who were causing me the most distress have been either fired or have quit. It is difficult to get which story is correct.

The story has it that both had been involved in "unauthorized discounts." With one of these discounts taking place with the loss prevention person standing right there. A quick check of the register tape and the surveillance tape showed that a $3.50 beverage was sold for $1.64. The girl who made this "mistake" had worked for Starbucks for over a year. A little too obvious to be a mistake.

At first I thought that I had something to do with the girl being let go. She came into work all pissed and when told that the Dept. of Agriculture was there, her response was "I don't give a sh*t."

If Dept. of Ag. has a problem with our cleanliness, then we could be closed. Having an "I don't give a sh*t" attitude when the inspectors are there can be dangerous. I should also say this girl had been sporting this attitude for quite a while.

After our encounter, I walked over and reminded my boss that the sooner the transfer could be moved through, the better. To which my boss asked me why the repeat of the request. I told her what had happened and she went over to talk to my co-worker. The next day I got called into work to fill her shift.

I took a few days of me feeling guilty until I found out that she had been providing "unauthorized discounts." I am sorry she got canned, but I don't feel nearly as guilty.

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