Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Frightening Trend

This is a photo of our neighbor's door. This is not THE NEIGHBOR, but one down the hall. This seems to be the new thing in the building: we don't take the garbage out, we just set it outside of the door. This bag of garbage was sitting outside the door at 9 this morning and this picture was taken around 4 in the afternoon. If finally was gone by 9 in the evening. I was feeling passive-aggressive so I put a bow on the bag. When the bag was finally thrown out, the bow was left on the floor.

This is just a continuation of things in this apartment complex. People do not clean up after their dogs. Dogs are left to run loose. People leave their garbage sit outside of their apartments. The parking lot is almost impassable after the snow. The management does nothing about the situation with THE NEIGHBOR. It is just a bunch of little things that get so annoying. We really try to be good neighbors and clean up after ourselves and our dog. It is just annoying when no one else seems to do the same. I hate stepping in dog dew while taking Amber out to do her thing.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much neighbors can make or break a good living situation. Ultimately it was the neighbors' antics that led us to move from our last home to where we are now. We have none of those antics here (yet?). Not even a sign of them. Sadly, as I recall, you guys are tied to a lease.

Ur-spo said...

dear me
that all sounds dreadful
doesn't speak well to the quality of the neighbors, do i dare say it, but you are living near ...