Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Girls are just too cute!

Aren't they cute? Problem is: they have been laying there licking each other! Incestuous lesbianism! Oh the humanity! (or would that be catity?)

Here, things have been pretty difficult. Trying to make sense of life,God, everything. It gets frustrating.

I was raised with the whole "believe in God and always trust and good things will happen to you" mentality. My parents were BIG into the whole "just trust and pray." Well, when you trust and pray and things still seem to go down the tubes, it doesn't give you much to fall back on.

I finished Nick's Valentine's Day gift. Not the best work I have done, but I needed to finish something. There was a need to be able to complete something. I also wanted to get the thing to Nick. The way I was feeling, I didn't know if I would be here too long, so I wanted to make sure if something "happened" to me, Nick would know that I loved him. I wanted to make sure that I created it so that when you hung it, the hand would be left-handed. I cannot sign a "Y" with my right hand. I am left handed and sign with my left hand. The dimensions are about 15" by 12".

I have to go back and reattach the hanging loop. It didn't stay as well as I had hoped. At least it the heart didn't fall far so it didn't break. Putting hanging loops on is one of the most risky parts of the process.


Ur-spo said...

#1 - these cats are plotting something and are up to no good.

#2 - trust and pray is good advice. trouble is, what we get often doesn't reflect what we want. but the logic of God is not ours; i remember from sunday school the reflection perhaps God
HAS answered our prayers, just not in the way we wanted it or can clearly see it.

#3 - the stained glass is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Again, I must comment - have you ever considered pursuing the stained glass as a career? You do artful work. Perhaps you could attach yourself to a local artisan or firm that would do both the "craft" items that you have shown us that you create as well as the larger work of designing/creating/repairing stained glass windows.

KJ said...

Nick will know that you love him if you make sure that you are safe so that you can grow in relationship together. Full stop.

http://www.valentinesideas.us/ said...

Yes, they are very cute. Actually, I love cats, they make me relax when I see them playing and running around your house. Especially when they will scratch their body on your feet.....