Monday, January 21, 2008

Downstairs Update Part 2

Well, I met with the property manager and the maintenance person. We walked around the apartment. We stomped around the apartment. We tried to make as much noise as we could. And low and behold... It makes a bunch of noise the neighbors' apartment! There is something about the neighbors' apartment that seems to magnify the sound. Even when we were doing nothing but walking around, it was very noisy downstairs. So, I am sorry that doubted the integrity of the idiot neighbor, but he has such a wonderful way of helping us to solve the problem.

The manager said that she has a "chat" with him on how to appropriately let people know that there is a problem. She said that she hoped it helped. She also told me that I have not been the only person to complain about the behavior and attitude of the neighbor. I guess at least I was not singled out for his "kindness."


Ur-spo said...

dear me
i hope this turns out ok wihtout anyone losing their marbles!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the property manager and/or maintenance can now find a way to resolve the noise issue.

I can totally identify with you on this one, actually. Apparently, my old computer chair used to make all kinds of loud noises (or at least they seemed loud to anyone on the floor below me) when I shifted in it. I had a somewhat heated exchange with a downstairs neighbor about it, then thought about it.

When I moved back home, my parents commented on it. So like you, I found out later it wasn't just a case of a cranky neighbor.

Again, I hope they figure out a way to resolve the issue to everyone's satisfaction.

Shane said...

Ugh...I've had a nutsy neighbor like that. He'd run outside and scream at the top of his lungs if I even looked at the floor funny.