Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time is Moving

Well, Nick and I went to the Howell, MI Melon Festival. Nick wondered if there was a Dance called the Melon Balls!

But while we were there, we decided to look at a couple of apartments. Well, surprise! We found one! It is pretty nice and not that much smaller than where we are living now. Granted we don't have a basement or a backyard. I keep saying we will have to lower the dog off of the balconey so she can relieve herself.

The only thing that is stopping us is the credit check. Now let's think, to be in foreclosure means the credit is crap. But we will find out on Tuesday.

Tuesday is also when I have my interview. We are "acting as if." As if I will get the job and as if we will have enough money to pay for the thing. But the rent is about $200 cheaper than usual and the pet costs would be waved. The place is almost exactly half-way between my job and Nick's job. It all seemsed to fall into place. So we are on another ride.

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Anonymous said...

May this ride be a smooth one to better, happier days!