Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just another thought

I was reading some over at Kelly Fryer's Reclaiming the F Word. One of the things that she brings up that I think we forget: There are plenty of churches for the believers. We need places for the disestablished and the outcast. So people get mad and leave, they will find a church. But the people who have been tossed to the side, if they are ignored or cast out, they have nowhere to go. That is the bigger sin.

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I find it more than mildly amusing (and I think God finds it more than mildly angering) that the same "church" that loved to sing "The Ninety and Nine" is the same "church" that did nothing to reclaim this lost sheep when he went "astray".

The second half of Luke 15 is more about the "prodigal" ("extravagant") love of the Father than it is about the sons. We gays should take heart that the father never stops loving both his sons regardless of the rejection of his brother by the "good" son.