Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Day...

Well, it is another day and I am, thankfully, in a different mental place. Nick is such a great person, he puts up with me when I become this catatonic, sniveling, thing.

My outlook is again on an upswing. I am looking forward to the interview next week and hope that it goes well. If that job does not come through then things will get really weird. But for right now, we are moving ahead as if this is going to happen.

What does bother me is how quickly I can go from sane (well, as sane as I can be) and functioning to totally off the edge. The emotional bank account is really low. It seems like nothing has a chance to stabilize before something else is thrown into the mix.

I missed a meeting last night. The meeting was the Worship committee at the church with whom I will be associating. I really did not want to go there and meet the people while being in a horrendous mood. There will be other committee meetings.

Why the pictures of the flowers? I just thought they were pretty.

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