Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pond Watch

I have not posted a pond watch in a long time.

I am sorry to say, I think all of the "special" fish are gone. You may remember that I had some fantail comets in the pond and two koi. Well, one of the fantails ended belly-up in the pond. Then the other one did not come out when I threw food in the pond. Now the coy are not coming out for lunch. I think they may have become lunch themselves. Tis a sad day in pond land.

This Just In! I have seen the two koi! They are alive!!


Anonymous said...

HOO-ray! No need for total sadness. Will you be getting more of the other fish?

Old Pastor said...

It's a MIRACLE -- and who said there isn't life after missing?

Doug Taron said...

Yay on the reappearance of the koi. When somebody tells me about unexplained disappearance of fish from an outdoor pond, my first suspicion is that it's the result of a visit by a great blue heron.

Wayne said...

doug is right! the great blue heron visits my pond regularly. But he keeps down the frog population, and I don't have any fish, so that is good.