Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Free Fair - Take Two

Nick and I went to the Ionia Free Fair last night. It was a good time, but not quite as fun as last year. I think part of it was in not doing some of the weird things like going to the freak show. First off, the freak show was not there this year, and even so, you can only go to a freak show for the first time, once. I guess that goes beyond saying, but once you have seen it, it kind of loses something.

But it was fun. We went to Big Boy again, like last year. We didn't get yelled at by the people telling us that Jesus has a bank account, though.

On a different subject, this has happened to Nick and me and it kind of drives me nuts. This would be flipping people off.

Ok, I got flipped off by someone coming out of a driveway. Now, why would you want to flip someone off who now knows where you live and you have no idea where that person lives? I have been tempted to place a note on the person's car saying, "So you flipped me off? I know where you live, do you know where I live?" A little panic never hurt anyone. :-)

The second situation was when Nick got flipped off by a person driving a car with a business advertised on the side. What a great form of advertising! If we would have been on top of it, we would have taken the number and called.

Oh well.

If you are going to flip someone off, make sure you cannot be tracked.

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Anonymous said...

It is too bad that flipping people off is not like going to the freak show - only fun once.