Thursday, July 05, 2007

ELCA Defrocks Gay Pastor

Well, I guess I got out of the ELCA at the right time!


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised either.

Steve F. said...

If you haven't seen Call to Witness, you should. You definitely got out just in time.

I have a friend in Columbus who's been in a deeply closeted relationship for years - he's in a parachurch organization which will remain nameless. He got out of congregational ministry after 3 years because the combination of church grannies trying to fix him up and trying to do the 'down-low' thing was killing him.

Which is tragic, because he was uniquely suited to ministering to elder church members, except for his taste for men.

It just sucks. But ex-Pastor Brad has seen the handwriting on the wall. He knew the cross was there, and he climbed up on it, knowing the nails would come. It doesn't make it hurt any worse, though.

"Silly hets," indeed.