Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Hi Everybody!

Hope you have had a great weekend. Here, the weekend went well but got rather hectic toward the end.

Friday night was pretty low key. My back was still hurting so Nick and I just hung out at home. It may sound corny, but just having him here makes it more enjoyable to be at home.

Saturday morning I made the mistake volunteered to help some former congregation members. They needed help in moving their antique business. Now I don't mind helping people, but when I am asked to be at the shop at 10 am and we don't start putting stuff in my truck until almost 11:45 am, I get a little miffed. Finally, at around 1 pm I got home so Nick and I could go to a movie.

We went to "300." It wasn't too bad. Actually, for someone, like me, with a jock fetish, it was GREAT! Who would think that Spartans would all have 6-pack abs (There were more 6-packs in this movie than you would find at a frat party!), wax, and wear leather speedos. Now, from the front, these leather speedos looked to all the world like leather jock straps. It was wonderful. There is a butt shot but no frontals, bummer.

What miffed me was that there was a family who brought what looked like a 1 year old and a 6 year old to the movie. I don't know what the 1 year old may have gotten, but the movie was WAY too violent for the 6 year old. In my opinion, this is bordering on child abuse. A 6 year old does not have the mental faculties to deal with seeing someone get his head chopped off.

Saturday night was again pretty laid-back. But then came Sunday Morning!

Nick was getting ready to go to church. He was a little flustered because this is the last time he will preach for this congregation. I was still in bed. Then my phone rang. It was my realtor reminding me that we had an open-house from 2:30-4 that afternoon. Suddenly I was up and Nick was going quickly trying to get the house ready for the showing.

Finally, Nick had to leave and I continued to clean. I then had to get ready because I was presiding at the communion service at the local Episcopal church. The house was about 1/2 ready at this time.

I went to church and the service when well. I need to do more of these so I can learn how the whole Episcopal thing works. I am sure I will get it, it will just take time and an understanding congregation.

I got home and again went into a cleaning frenzy. Now, most of you would not understand how out of character this is. I score WAY HIGH on the "P" scale of the Meyers-Briggs test; in other words, I am NOT a very organized person and cleaning to me means that the piles don't run into each other.

I am pleased to say, that when Nick came home, he was pleasantly surprised with the state of the house. And we were able to show the house at 2:30 pm.

So, while the house was showing, Nick, Amber (the dog), and I went out to the Home and Builders Show. The cats got to stay at home because they would probably hide anyway. Not too much to see at the show. Yes, there was a lot of nice lawn layouts, and ponds, and all of that. But the eye candy left something to be desired. The best view was a guy at the concession stand as we were walking out of the show.

Well, we got home and had a roast that Nick put in the crock pot in the morning. Now we are doing computer stuff (Nick is checking out insurance prices and I am blogging, of course) and watching TV as they save the west coast from sliding into the ocean.

Tomorrow I get to go and stuff envelopes again. It doesn't pay much, but it is a job.

I hope to hear from the Deployment person about some calls in the church. He went to a conference last week and hopefully he will have some good news.

Hope you all are having a great day and hug someone you love!


Anonymous said...

Take solace in the old chestnut that creative minds are rarely tidy.

Doug Taron said...

I notce that there is a hammered dulcimer in one of the photos that accompany this post. Do you play that instrument?