Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today has gone great so far. The temprature was around 75 degrees and there was a gentle breeze. I kind of smile when I see that they are dealing with temps in the teens back home.

We are going to go to Bourbon Street again tonight. Last night we were there and I could have sworn it was "Family" Night! Some nice sightings in the French Quarter!

The days have been tiring and somewhat difficult. It is hard to believe that after 18 months there are still home in New Orleans that have not yet been touched. We worked with a family that had lost the roof to their home and had moved out. And we gutted two homes where the people moved to Mississippi. It is kind of jarring to be carrying things out of a house and realizing that this is a person's whole life we are throwing in the trash heap.

Not much in the line of pictures. We have been asked to not to take many. The group we are working with don't want people surfing the internet and find their homes as blog posts.

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