Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Am I Doing This?

Why am I saying anything about the Health Care Bill? Am I a glutton for punishment? What can I add to the conversation that has not been screamed from television sets and headlines? Possibly nothing.


I guess being the psych person that I am, I am going to wade into the mess anyway. I am not going to say anything about the bill, itself; I don't know enough. But what I will talk about is the behavior I am seeing surrounding the bill.

I am so frustrated with our system of governance right now that I really want to move to a different country. We all realize that our health care system needs help but the career politicians are so busy worrying about what Fox News is going to say that they can't do anything. The Republicans look silly because they could not do anything that would resemble compromise without having Glen Beck shrilly screaming about how they have turned traitor to the American people.

Then we hear the Republicans saying that they were not part of the process. THEY HAD EIGHT YEARS TO DO SOMETHING AND THEY DIDN'T! And whenever anything was proposed, the assumed answer was "No." It doesn't matter if it was a good answer or even one that the Republicans had suggested in the past, it was summarily rejected. That is so childish!

I am not saying that the Democrats are sinless in this process either. Both sides have their problems. But from my point of view, it just seemed like the Republicans were acting like spoiled children (or fundamentalists!) who didn't get their way so now they were going to do EVERYTHING in their power to halt the system. Doesn't matter that they were elected to help the people. They appear to believe that they were elected to advance their own careers.

And what is up with Newt Gingrich? Civil Rights destroyed the Democrats? Do we really want to go back to a time before civil rights? Possibly if we are an old white guy.  (With a trophy wife, long live sanctity of marriage!)  And he is using that argument to say that the Health Care Bill is bad?  I don't get it.

Our law makers have gotten so out of touch with what is reality in peoples' daily lives.  Previously, I could afford insurance, but then I could not afford the co-pays.  If I really needed something, it was off to the ER, and that is sooooo cost effective to the country.  My costs were eventually paid by the insurance companies anyway.  Hospitals just passed it on to the people with insurance.  And I guess for some people, that was ok.  But instead of ignoring the problem, isn't it better to call it want it is and FIX IT?

This rant was brought to you today by the American Government System!

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Lemuel said...

I think the new poster child for this childish and out of touch behavior by those in government has to be John McCain. He's going to throw himself on the floor, kick his feet, hold his breath, and not cooperate any more because the health care bill passed.