Friday, March 12, 2010

Report From the New Job

I have truly come to the conclusion that the world does not know how to deal us who are introverted.  I want to say, "Just the facts..."  I don't need to get EVERY detail in the first day.

I don't want to sound negative, but... I don't know.  I think it again comes to people trying to make me feel comfortable but getting too wound up in their own "stuff."  I need time to get used to my place in things and not have everyone immediately pressing upon me.  I have already been told that the Youth Group wants to meet with me this Sunday.  This is my FIRST Sunday!  We will have plenty of time!

But also, this helps me to know what has been happening.  I would assume that it was hard to get an "audience" previous priest so everyone wants to make sure they get their face-time.

There just seems to be a lot of anxiety floating around there.  I experienced this in my last place.  I just need to be sure to set up proper boundaries.  Some people will not like that, but that is their problem.

In general, I am looking forward to being in a new place.  I am also looking forward to some longevity!  This moving every year is getting really old.

But...On the way home last night, the truck started making some really horrible noises.  Now it is sitting in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart about 30 miles away.  (Who said Wal-Mart was good for nothing?)  Nick got to get out of bed and drive, through the rain, to pick me up.  Now there is another bill we weren't counting on.  Oh well...

Life goes on!


Lemuel said...

The news about the truck sucks!
Ah, Ben, all this is pretty typical for entry into a new parish. Take a deep breath, hold on, and wait for the hill on the roller coaster to be over. Everyone will want a piece of you - especially those who felt that they were being ignored by the last person. Many will have their hidden agendas. Note who the folks are and wait, it will eventually come to the light.
By my second or third parish I learned that those who came on strongest at the very beginning and seemed to be friendliest and the most supportive, ended up being the ones knifing my back. Those who seemed the most reserved and quiet were the ones I could count on later for support and help in doing the real work that needed to be done. I do not want to poison the well, but it seemed always to work out that way.

Urspo said...

New job/jumping into ACT III of a complicated opera - tough time indeed. I suppose setting some initial limits is healthy for all involved so you are no overwhelmed. good luck.