Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life Update

Yes!  I am alive!

That is a good thing!  It has been really busy here so posts have not been happening too regularly.  I have had a lot of deep thoughts (Well, at least deep for me!) but have not had the time or energy to post them.  I hope to remediate that, maybe it will help me sleep at night.

The general thing that has been happening has been the transition to a new church and moving.  I still feel a little detached as I am still 70 miles from the church.  But we are moving on Saturday, so that should help.  Moving on the day before Easter with two pastors is probably as close to suicide I hope to come, but all too often the world gives us what it will, not what we will.

The car situation is still on hold.  I have not gotten the release of lein on the truck so I cannot sell it.  In the meantime, the guy who was planning on buying it has lowered his offer.  So I got financing assuming that I was going to have a $1500 down payment.  Now the guy says he will only give me $1000.  So now I have to search to find $500 during this time of high finances.

DO NOT USE BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL!  I was going to rent a truck from them.  I could not get the web site to work.  I was ignored in the store.  I called to complain...

This is a great story!  I called to voice my upset at their location in Plymouth, MI.  The person I was talking to on the phone seemed much more in finding a way to get me to still rent a truck instead of listening to my concerns.  I asked if anything was going to be done about PILGRIM FIRESTONE in Plymouth, MI (yes, they pissed me off!) or if the whole thing was going to get glossed over.  The guy said, "Oh, please hold."  So I heard some clicks and then I heard a recording saying the conversation would be recorded.  Then a woman came on the line.  When I said that I had a problem with a Budget Truck, she started going on about saving me $40.  It sounded like she was reading a script.  I asked if she was going to do anything about PILGRIM FIRESTONE in Plymouth, MI, and she said she could get me a 6 month subscription.  "To what?"  She told me "Traveler's Advantage!  You are not talking to Budget Truck rental."  THE GUY AT BUDGET TRANSFERRED ME TO A TOTALLY DIFFERENT COMPANY!


I am getting a truck from U-Haul.

Holy Week is here, and my secretary is new to the whole church secretary thing.  We are doing a lot of e-mail and facebook communicating.

Probably more later.  Maybe even some of the deep thoughts!


Lemuel said...

"Moving on the day before Easter with two pastors is probably as close to suicide I hope to come..."
ROFL! So true! Altho it may be closer to double homicide. ;)

BearToast Joe said...

OMG! Lemuel is right! Hope you aren't doing an Easter Vigil, this year anyway!
Grace will happen.

Benton said...

Nick just said that the Easter Vigil will be looking for our underwear!