Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life as WE know it.

Well, last Sunday was the first Sunday at my new congregation.  (Boy, do I love the "New Church" smell!)  It was very nice: a wonderful celebration.  Unfortunately, Nick and I were not able to stay long because of all the driving that we had to do.

We had planned to have me go to my church, do the whole potluck thing, and then head home.  Nick was going to stay home and then head up to his congregation for a board meeting and worship.  We didn't think this was the best, we wanted my congregation to meet Nick, but considering the driving times from home to my church to Nick's church and back home (almost 300 miles round trip) we figured this was most sane choice.  However, when the truck died on Thursday night, we realized Sunday was going to be the "Tour of Michigan."

My congregation was wonderful.  They were very gracious to Nick and to me.  I don't think the gay thing is really going to be a problem as I have found that the former priest was a lesbian.  She was an open secret there.  Well, with me, there will be no secret!  I have trouble being in the closet.

It is going to cost around $3000 to fix the truck.  The resale value of the truck is about $3500.  And I don't have any credit cards to max out.  When I look into my crystal ball, I see a "new to me" vehicle in my future.  The problem is that we were counting on the truck as a major part of the move.

Speaking of the move, we still need to find a place to live.  The rental market in the Detroit suburbs is really hot.  Finding a rental is almost a game of chance.  And trying to find a place that will have enough room for stained glass is difficult.  I may need to put the glass thing on hold for a while.  I am not a fan of that, but reality is reality:  It is hard to do glass if you do not have a place to live!

To add to the whole thing, Nick has been working more and more overtime.  He is in a difficult situation:  He works temp but the want him to put in 10 hour days.  Of course, if he says, "No" they just say, "Bye."  They want total commitment from the temps but the company does not want to give any commitment in return.  It really sucks.

We won't even discuss payments to the IRS! 

So, we need to move.  We need to move soon!  We need to get the money to put down a deposit.  I will finally get a check from the church.  (I hope!)  We need to get a vehicle.  We need to start packing here.  We need more time!  And I need to pay attention to my own preaching about trusting in God.  (But it is HARD!)

Sorry for the pity party.

UPDATE:  I just spoke with my financial adviser and we have been able to pay off the last two payments of the truck.  So at least I am not paying on something that is non-functional.  Not a whole lot of good news, but good news all the same.


Java said...

Hey, that's what blogs are for, among other things, a place for a little pity party.
Sorry about your truck. :( I hope you find a place to live soon.

Lemuel said...

Will keep you and Nick in my best thoughts and prayers that you find a good place to live soon and that opportunities will open to ease the vehicle (and other) problems. Will Nick be finding a new job in your new area?

Urspo said...

The new congregation sounds good; I hope they do well for you.

Benton said...

Nick's job will travel with us! (He works from home.) That has made it possible for us to take some time to find a vehicle.