Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Something We Can All Learn From

This clip has been making its way around the 'net lately. It seems to be hitting a chord with many people.

I think one of the reasons is that many of us of the GLBT variety have gone through life being the ones picked on and the ones made to feel our gifts and talents were not appreciated. And although we continue to work to find our voice in the world, I know that for me there still seems to be times of difficulty. When things get difficult, it is easy to revert to the old ways of reacting to the world.

As for myself, I could not understand what was so wrong with me that would make others want to be mean to me. Now I understand that it was not me. Yes, I may have been different, but my differences made others feel uncomfortable. It was not my problem they felt uncomfortable, but they felt the need to change me to ease their anxiety. I know that, but it still hurt.

More power to this kid with the golden voice! As I said in my sermon, to be human is to be scared. But just keep moving, just keep living. Our scars make us who we are, wonderfully unique individuals.

(h/t to The Mangina Monologues, Aussielicious, and Towleroad)

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Lemuel said...

I saw this video via Mangina. I was pleased to see that Simon, et al., had some humanity in dealing with this boy. His voice is ethereal and you have to wish that whether Family or not, he finds confidence in his talent and rises above the bullying that he has known.