Friday, April 18, 2008

The Earth Moved

An entry to my bucket list got filled this morning. I was sleeping in a hotel in Ypsilanti, MI when around 4:30 am I felt like someone was trying to wake me up. Now this would not be so bad except I was all alone at the hotel. I am at an Episcopal retreat and Nick is at home. Well...I thought, "Are we having an earthquake?" I looked around and tried to fall back to sleep. But I kept shakeing. Then I rolled over and the shaking stopped. I figured I must have pinched a nerve or something and that is what made me shake. But then the next morning, I saw that there was an earthquake in Illinois! I got to experience an earthquake!

I actually was in another earthquake when I was visiting LA, but I slept through that one. So this was the first one that I actually got to feel! It was a weird sensation.


Ur-spo said...

no doubt a sign of great wickedness in the land; who there has been social dancing?

Unknown said...

Yea verily, Spo, surely a sign of End Times! - either that or God actually found a spot where there was no Starbucks and he was making the "rough places a plain" so that his messenger [and Starbucks employee] (conveniently at an Episcopalian Retreat) could prepare the way before him. *grin*