Saturday, April 26, 2008

Major Moving Day

Today we got to move all the really big stuff. Actually, it started yesterday with the TV. The thing weighs in at about 200 lbs. Getting it down the 27 stairs was a pain. But it got down and into the new apartment all in one piece.

Today we moved the sofa, the chairs, the washer and dryer, the bed, and the dishwasher. Trying to get the sofa down the steps was a big pain. The person who "helped" us left it drag. Thankfully, the leather was strong enough to survive the pavement. Now the dryer, we are not sure if that survived. It went clunking down the steps, it almost fell off the dolly. It was nice to have help, but, as Nick said, "He is kind of like a bull in a china shop."

Right now, if I have to go up another step I will scream!

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Ur-spo said...

moving is a very stressful event; it requires frequent time outs so as not to kill others.