Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life at Quest Labs

Well, faithful readers, life at Quest Labs has been interesting!

Yesterday, making coffee, was not really a problem. Yes, we were busy. And yes, it was a consistent busy. But no, when I was there we didn't get hammered. Earlier in the day, they had people backed up and had drinks waiting twelve deep. Let's just say, they were making more in an hour than I would make in a week. But it was not bad.

Then came this morning.

8:08 am, HSBC on the phone. Way to early to get a call. I informed the machine that was telling me to wait for an "Important Message" that 8 am was not the appropriate time to be calling.

8:15 I called HSBC to tell them that I had made an on-line payment.

8:30 HSBC called. I waited for the "Important Message" to tell them I already talked with them. Then the nice voice said, "We know your time is valuable and our operators are still busy so we will call you at a later time."

8:38 am, I called HSBC to speak with a manager to tell them that if they are going to be calling me at 8 in the morning, the least they could do was be on when I pick up the phone. I got "transferred" which ended up being cut-off.

8:40 am, NOW I WAS STEAMED! I called back and talked to a person who would not put me through to a manager until I gave my account number. He then put a "Cease and Desist" on my account. Which I thought would end the calls. He said that the computer was beyond his control and that everybody gets called. And I said if his company would go on-line, they would find how "loved" they are by their customers.

8:45 am, HSBC calls AGAIN! This time I tell the operator that I have had five previous dealings with HSBC in the past hour and I want to speak with a manager NOW! I got a woman on the phone who called me by name and apologized profusely for the continued harassment.

I have not been called further today. The computer can be changed when need be.

Then I go to get dressed and find feces on my pants. This is not the first time this has happened. We try to figure out if it is cat feces or dog feces. Then I notice urine on my clothes. No! Not the cat! But yes, the cat has been using my clothes as a litter box. Why? I don't know. But the last thing I want is to have to get rid of my cat. I have lost so much recently, I don't want to loose that too.

I think part of the problem may be the way we keep the dog away from the litter box. You may remember, the dog seems to have grown fond of cat feces so we put a block up to keep the dog out. But there were a few times when we would hear the bucket that was blocking the door overturn. Maybe the cat got scared of the bucket and would not go into the litter box. We put a heavy storage tote in the door. Hopefully this will be a safer barricade and the cat will use it.

It has been a long morning and I still have to make coffee tonight. I also have to preach tomorrow.

Hope your day has been better!


Anonymous said...

I have my automobile loan with HSBC - and basically all I can say is "not a good company"

HSBC badgers their customers. My payment and their billing crossed in the mail several months back and they pissed me off.

Enough said - I understand.

Anonymous said...

All in all not a happy day! I hope things got better!

Ur-spo said...

poor thing
life can't be dull and copecetic for you, can it?
hang in there.