Friday, December 08, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Lemuel to share
Six Weird Things About Me!
1. The letters on the keys of my keyboard are not (for the most part) the same as the letter they type. The letters that are typed are the typical "QWERTY" layout, but the layout the keys show are the Dvorak layout. I had tried to learn how to type in this layout because it was supposed to be faster and better for you (less carpal tunnel) than the standard layout. But I had to think too hard about where the letters were to be able to compose at the keyboard. It made it really hard to write sermons.
2. I really don't like wearing clothes. I am not secure enough about my body to be a nudist in public, but I often walk around my house without clothes.
3. I like potato chips on my tuna salad sandwiches.
4. I have most of the original Partridge Family albums on vinyl. (I used to think I had all of them but I just found out I was missing three. Who knew they produced that many! The Christmas album is really bad!)
5. It drives me nuts when people qualify the word "unique" as in, "That was quite unique." Unique means "one of a kind." Something either is one of a kind or not one of a kind. Something cannot be "quite" one of a kind or "somewhat" one of a kind. It especially drives me nuts when I hear it on commercials.
6. I actually pay attention to, and sometimes sing along with, muzak in stores.
I will tag:
Ur-spo at Spo-Reflections
Milton at Don't Eat Alone


Lemuel said...

You are one of the first persons I know to have even attempted the Dvorak layout. I've talked about this layout in my classes for years, and all I get is dumb looks because no one has even heard of it.

I'm with you on the clothes thing, too, although I'm guessing that I have fewer opportunities to do so. Anyway, if I even visit, you need not fuss for me. **EG**

..and I like chips with tuna salad, too! (but I am very fussy about my tuna salad and will not buy it out. I have to make my own.)

Thanks for doing this! Great list! The better to get to know you!

Ur-spo said...

2 < ditto. Give 'public' some time and pratice.
3 < sounds rather good actually
4 < you and everyone around you needs therapeutic help ASAP
5 < I agree.
6 < I did not know muzak had words?

Thanks for the tag, I try it this weekend.

Doug Taron said...

Nice list.

#2. Imagines Benton around the house. Makes a point of staying behind desk for a few minutes.

#4. I only every had 1 PF album. It was the one with I Woke Up in Love on it. I watched the show regularly, despite the fact that David Cassidy never did anything for me. My sister found him dreamy.

# 5 is a mistake that I never make anymore. You see, my partner shares your pet peeve on that one. He cured me of it a long time ago.

don't eat alone said...

Here I go:

1. I like Fritos with my ice cream.

2. The misuse of the word "ipmact" as a verb (though now common enough to probably be accepted) drives me nuts. If you impact someone, you are creating a painful condition that needs medical attention.

3. I love teddy bears.

4. When I'm out walking with my wife, I always have to be on her right hand side or it just doesn't feel right.

5. I can eat my weight in crunchy Cheetos.