Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Turd Watch

It’s time for Turd Watch!

My cat, Madeline, is not feeling so good. She has mega colon which sounds like it should be something good but in effect is not so good. The crap just starts stacking up inside the cat and won’t come out. ( I bet you all could have gone through the day without that image.) So the poor kitty starts acting lethargic and gets really clingy.

The unfortunate thing about this that it usually costs over $100 a trip to “Pop the Poop.” It can get expensive!

Right now, Madeline is in the bathroom with a litter box, food, and water. I need to know if the “gifts” I find in the litter box downstairs are hers or Claudia’s. I hope to find a whole lot of crap in the box. That would be a good thing.

If there is none, I will need to take Madeline to the vet tomorrow morning before going to the Bishop’s office. I can hope.

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Anonymous said...

From the title of the post, I am just hoping that they don't make a TV series out of Madeline's plight! :)