Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Rehash

Christmas was really quite good this year. It was really different for me. I usually have a bunch of stuff to do during the Advent/Christmas/New Year season. There is usually the Advent stuff. There is the Christmas stuff. There is the Michigan Youth Gathering between Christmas and New Year. As a pastor, it was kind of a blur from the Sunday after Thanksgiving until I just about coughed my lung up from a cold after the first of the year.

This year, none of that happened. I did "direct" the choir at Nick's church during Advent, but that wasn't too bad. That is why I put direct into quotes; I just arranged practice, not much directing there. But for the most part, I could make Christmas presents, relax, and enjoy the season. And I am so happy I don't have to go and spend four days and three nights with a bunch of teens in a hotel.

I again spent this holiday with Nick's family. I spent Thanksgiving with his family and so it was more comfortable because not everyone was new. But you know, families are families. I had a good time.

I have to go to work tomorrow, but it should not be too bad, it is classes all day, so the worst thing will be trying to stay awake. I also have to work on Thursday, but since most of the GM people are gone, the phones should be pretty quiet.

Nick is on his way home right now. We are getting our heads around him moving in. I think it will be great! I am just a little afraid; I have lived alone for so many years I am afraid I may be too set in my ways. But I do want this to work. I know it will. Nick is so nice. (Ok, mushy stuff is over.)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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Lemuel said...

I certainly hope that the "mushy stuff" is NOT over!!!