Thursday, December 14, 2006

I haven't been ignoring you

Hi folks, I haven’t written much this past week. I have been busy/depressed and that is not a good combination for being very prolific.

My work schedule is ok. I go in at 10 am and come home at 6:30 pm. I like the ability to either sleep late or take a leisurely morning. I also like getting home before it is really late. However, it is not good for getting things done. It is hard to get people in the office before I go to work and people are gone by the time I get home.

I also have been making Christmas presents. Nick and I were invited to a Christmas gathering with a family from my former congregation. We are very happy to go, I just have to whip out a few Christmas presents. I have been able to get two ornaments done per night. It will slow down a little as I get to the end of the stockpile of pieces and have to produce all the pieces. But I think they look pretty good!

I had an appointment with my shrink, Arnie, today. Arnie is good for lighting a fire under my… uh, feet! He charged me up again.

When I left, I called the person in the ECUSA Bishop’s office and told him that I am willing to go anywhere in the country and I would like an appointment with him soon. If he doesn’t call back, I will call him tomorrow. I am tired of waiting for him. If I piss him off, maybe he will do something just to get me off of his back.


Lemuel said...

Hmmm. Maybe you and Nick will come to eastern PA! There is already an openly gay pastor (with partner) at one of Episcopal congregations in nearby Allentown. And there's an active Bears group here, too (of which I am nominally a part). Oh, wouldn't that be sweet to have friends like you two in the area.! {Do you sense a campaign beginning here? LOL!)

Goo luck, Ben! Go for it!

Lemuel said...

Good luck not Goo luck! AAAUUUGHHH!

Old Pastor said...

A fire under WHERE? I don't think it's your feet (except maybe in a biblical sense)... Hang in there. And to Lemuel -- Pennsylvania? It gets COLD there... LOL