Wednesday, December 27, 2006

First Walk Through

I had the realtor over today. We walked through the house looking at what needs to be done. (I mean other than just cleaning the place up.) Actually, it really does not need a lot of work. The house has a ton of character and we just need to play that up. Tons of stuff in boxes and those in the basement. Now, all we need is about three inches of snow to make the whole neighborhood look clean and crisp.

Nick moving in will help. He is bringing a bed and that can go in the spare, spare room to make it look more like a room. The spare room will stay an office, just a little cleaning to do there.


Lemuel said...

I read your post and then I read Nick's and now I'm back here.

Somehow I have a deep sense of sadness as I read it, even though I am excited in a positive way for you and Nick getting together.

Best wishes.

Ur-spo said...

now that you are a Father, time to evoke St. Joseph for the house sale.
Be patient; all houses sell, and the market is down, especially in Michigan.