Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anniversary Season

Nick and I decided we don’t really have an Anniversary so much as we have an Anniversary Season. And today would be the most likely candidate for the ender of the season. The season starts back in August when I first visited Nick’s church and would end today with the anniversary of my abomination.

Yes, a year ago, today, in front of the fire, in the fireplace, in my living room, Nick had his way with me.

Now, to make this sound like I was a passive participant in this event would be totally wrong, I am not really sure who did the seducing. Actually, Nick could probably truthfully argue that it was me that seduced him. (Having condoms and lube in the drawer of the TV stand was probably a give away. Also the empty enema box probably gave a clue. OH! I almost forgot the “Nut Cracker” underwear I was wearing.)

Nick knew about the whole “Page 13” thing and was not about to force me into something that I was not ready for or that I was going to regret. Well, I just kind of charged forward and haven’t been sad yet!

Granted, sometimes I would like parts of my world to go back to “Pre-Abomination” status, but not really. The positives have far outweighed the negatives.

So, as the season of Advent begins, the season of Anniversary ends.

Happy Anniversary, Nick, I love you!


Lemuel said...

Happy anniversary!

Unknown said...

Happy anniversary indeed. And I am glad that Nick did not have his way with you literally 'in the fireplace'. That would have lent a whole new meaning to burning passion.

Old Pastor said...

While we weren't IN the fireplace, we were on fire for each other. Ben and I have shared an amazing year fraught with discoveries, disappoints (not with each other), changes, challenges, distance, decisions, and all, but through it all we have come out stronger than ever. Ben, you are an amazing man and I thank God that you showed up in church that day way back when -- pre-abomination. I am so glad that you have been patient with me as I re-learn how to love -- both another and myself and as I seek God's will and direction for me and for us. I think I like the first kiss date for an anniversary although a whole season should mean more presents LOL... I love you

Ur-spo said...

ooh abomination is such an archaic ugly word.
How about the anniversary or your celebration of the numinous?

Doug Taron said...

Such a sweet and beautiful story. May the two of you have many, many more anniversaries.