Friday, November 03, 2006

We've Got The Power!

I was just watching some of the election ads on TV. You know something? We have a lot power! We, the GLBTs of the world can DESTROY(!!!!!!) the family, AS WE KNOW IT!!!!! Oh no! We start getting married and the next thing you know, all those hottie hets will be running out and having anal sex. Look! It has already started! Next thing you know, those hets will be getting style and start cleaning up their homes and neighborhoods! That would be horrible! Maybe that is why the Pink Flamingo is dying!! Because of us and our famous sense of style, Millions! (no) Thousands! (no) Hundreds! (maybe) Tens! (probably) of people will lose their jobs in the pink flamingo industry. But if the US would allow GLBT folks to get married...BILLIONS of people could be hired in the marriage planning industry alone!

Of course I am having a little fun here, but the fear mongering that is going on is pathetic. Maybe if GLBT folks would be allowed to marry, fundamentalist preachers wouldn't have to pay for sex.

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Lemuel said...

I am reminded by your post of an episode of Will and Grace in which Will and Jack decide to buy a home in a suburb. They think they are buying in a gay neighborhood, but it turns out to be a het one. The twist is that the neighbors "get violent" when they learn that Will and Jack are not going to stay. They want the gays guys to stay because it will clean up the neighborhood and increase property values among other things.

I have often found the "evangelical" argument that gay marriage will destroy het marriage and the family as the most ridiculous argument ever. As you post, they seem to think that every het guy in the world will suddenly "choose" to be gay. Hmmm. Well, maybe if they try it, they will! LOL!