Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Riding on the Roller Coaster

This seems to be a perennial theme in my blog lately: The emotional roller coaster that has been my life as of late.

What frustrates me is the whole (childish) feeling of "I'm doing what I should be doing. Why aren't things happening?" I am trying to play by the rules. I am watching my (already not so great) credit-rating go plummeting. I could almost convince myself that I am such an important person with the amount of registered mail I am getting.

I am frustrated! I hear about all the need for clergy and here I sit answering phones and answering computer questions. The religious bodies aren't even putting me to use doing supply.

I feel so sorry for Nick. He has been dealing with problems like this for so long and does it so well. He gets frustrated, but not devastated. Then he gets me getting a little bump just crumbling. I am thankful he doesn't just say, "You wimp, get over it."

This has got to come to an end somehow.


Lemuel said...

Nick's a good man, and he's standing by his good man.

Old Pastor said...

1) You are not a wimp!
2) Not using you is the church's loss, not your fault
3) Of course I am standing by you -- that's what it's all about.
4) You are a good guy and I'm not letting you go, so get used to me being there for you.

Ur-spo said...

hang in there;
rollercoasters always settle down somehow.