Friday, August 11, 2006

Trapped in an elevator

Last Tuesday, I had something interesting happen to me. I was at church and there were a bunch of kids running around. I heard the sound of a screaming child but did not think too much about it because there are often crying children when there are a bunch of kids running around. But then I noticed that the sound was coming out of the elevator. I pushed the button and the door opened. Inside, I found a little girl pounding on the door and screaming. I just wanted to cry, she must have been so afraid!

What has intrigued me is that this experience has not left me. The little girl haunts me.

I think I may feel like that little girl. I feel like I am trapped without a way of freeing myself. I need someone to notice I am trapped and then to rescue me. I know that I am capable to rescue myself, but the little boy inside of me is feeling trapped and helpless.

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