Friday, August 04, 2006

Book in the Mail

I just got a book in the mail today. I had just been talking with a colleague about this very same book yesterday. So, unfortunately, I was primed to dislike it from the get go.

One of the first thing that struck we was the section entitled "Four Common Myths." I then say the "myth" "...that homosexuals lead happy lives." (p. 25) The author then goes on to enumerate the things that homosexuals fear. First is "Homosexual persons live with the fear of being found out." Second: "Homosexual persons live in fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases." Third: "Homosexual persons live in fear of violence." Fourth: "Homosexual persons live in fear of aging." Fifth: "Homosexual persons live in fear of God." I wanted to puke right at that point.

What I hate about these types of assumptions is that they never separate the cause from the effect. If people were not so afraid of the negative response they receive from the world, would they be so afraid of being found out? If homosexuals were more supported by society, would they be as promiscuous? If you are damned to hell, you might as well enjoy the trip! Fear of violence? The book says that the violence is from within the gay community. I'm not afraid of other gays anymore than I am afraid of anyone else. I am afraid of those who are so afraid of coming to grips with thier sexuality that they attack those who have come out. The book also mentions the domestic violence in the gay community. My first question is: Is this any worse than in the population in general? I would again hasten to ask what supports are given to gay couples? And the shirts are called "Wife Beaters" not "Partner Beaters."I don't know if he is a wife beater but he is wearing a wife beater.

We continue with fear of aging. This is something that we never find in the heterosexual community. We are a society obsessed with being young, why should the LGBT population be any different.

Final, who wouldn't be in fear of God if you were told that what you are at your deepest lever is despised by God?

So, do we get rid of violence toward gays by getting rid of the gays? Do we get rid of gays fearing God by getting rid of gays? ARRRRGGGG!

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Old Pastor said...

Sounds like junk mail to me. There ought to be a law and probably is against such hate and antagonism in the mails. And I wonder about the guy in the picture -- does his boyfriend know he's out wearing a "wife beater"? Anyway, the book sounds like it is based in half truths, untruths, generalities, and misinformation -- all dangerous resources.