Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fit for "Movie of the Week"

I was finishing emptying out my office. I chose a Saturday night because I didn't want anyone around when I did it. If I was going to get all weepy or something, I didn't want anyone around.

While I was moving, a couple from the congregation came into the building. They told me that they were going to practice a song. I said that was ok, and I kept on moving. So while I was walking boxes to my truck, I was hearing in the background, "In Christ Alone..." It was kind of surreal.

I tried to keep my mind off the song. I also listened and thought, "I really need to trust in Christ because if I don't then this whole thing is a farce." I also thought it was interesting that this couple, who had been fairly close to me before the letter but since have only been "how's the weather?" I kept wondering if these people would grant me the understanding they were singing about in their song?

After church tomorrow, they are going to have a reception for me. I understand why the reception is a good thing, I just am not up for it. I am honored that people would want to honor me, I just am running out of emotional energy. But after that, Nick and I are going to a cabin on a lake somewhere. No, we do not know what the name of the lake is. Everybody keeps asking us and we don't know. But it is a small lake and a nice cabin. The weather has been cooking at night so that means some cool snuggling weather.

I am looking forward to some time to just kick back and breath. I hope some healing will be able to happen too.

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