Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Chapter 5: In which our hero loses his job

Well, not me, but Nick.  Yes, the temp job Nick has had for about 2 years had gone away.  I feel like the Fates are laughing.

Thankfully, we are not out on the streets, but we will not be interacting much (if at all) with my family.


suz said...

Sweetie, that just sucks! (The part about Nick's job. the part about your family is probably good - you wouldn't want to have to count on them.)

Call me hopelessly optimistic, but this could end up being a blessing - Go somewhere and start over TOGETHER! No house to sell, no kids in school, you can live by the seat of your pants for a while, and neither of you has to do it alone.

Cubby said...

WTF?! This is too much. I'm sorry to hear this.

Ur-spo said...

more bad news.
It sounds more like the Furies than the Fates
Perhaps the later will twist a few threads to give you some slack.

Unknown said...

What Cubby said! Good grief!