Saturday, March 05, 2011

Chapter 3 in which we find our hero homeless

It had been said that God gave us families so that we could learn to deal with people we don't like.

Although my Mom said we could live in the basement, my sister has decided that for us to move into their basement would kill my father.  My brother agrees.  Now granted, my father is going to be 90 but if you remember, the concept of Nick and I getting married was going to kill my father.  Not that my sister and her boyfriend didn't live in the basement in years past.  Not that my brother has not taken loans and pirated cable from my parents.  Not that anything that I am asking pales in comparason to what they have asked.  No, I am going to kill dad.

Now, of course, we cannot go there because if anything were to happen to Dad, it will be my fault.  I know that break-off is not a good family dynamic, but I am so tired of anything that I will do being the impetus that will kill Dad.  Yes, he worries, but he worries at 6 am whether the sun will rise or not.

This really sucks.


Raven~ said...

Hon, I realize that this is not a realistic response, but it seems to me that if your mother has said it is OK for you to live in their basement, your sister and brother and go play on the freeway.

And, yes, I *have* taken my happy-pill for the day


Raven~ said...

oops, make that "can go play on the freeway"

suz said...

I'm with Raven. So now your sibs are making Mom and Dan's decisions for them? First, they're going to blame anyone but themselves for Dad's troubles. Second, if your dad is that fragile, he and your mom could use some live-in help. Your relationship with Nick didn't kill him when he found out about it, why would it kill him now? Are the sibs being territorial here, or do they think it's high time you were punished for your rebellious ways?

Either way, something stinks here...

Cubby said...

I'm late to comment, and yes I know you already found a place, but know that in the future you can just call your sister's bluff by showing up at your parent's house with all your stuff. They are not going to turn you away.

Perhaps your sister's motive is that she wants the basement to remain empty because she may need to move there again some day?