Monday, July 05, 2010

Life With(out) Ms Diva and Stage Mom

Well, I sent a letter to Ms Diva explaining how I did not feel we could work together with our current level of lack of trust and respect.  I said that this did not prevent us from ever working together, but allowing the girl to preach after the outburst would not be appropriate.

I heard that she had been angry with her father right before she came in and gave me all kinds of attitude, but that is no excuse.

Stage Mom called the Warden and yelled, saying I was punishing Ms Diva.  The Warden backed me up!  He told Stage Mom that she may want to contact me, either phone or e-mail, or something.  But you know, I still haven't heard from her.  Obviously this is not important enough for her to actually be proactive.  I don't think she wants to give up her victim status.

I will probably send a letter commenting about them not being at church for the past four weeks, but I am not going to be very excited about it.  Frankly, I would be happy if they went somewhere else.  Might drop the drama level in the congregation.


Vic Mansfield said...

She may be upset that the whole show doesn't shut down due to her absence.

Lemuel said...

BT Joe has a point. Nothing infuriates Stage Mom's more than finding out that the world does not revolve around them.

Hurray and Hallelujah that you were backed up by the Warden!! Perhaps he (and others in the congregation) had been praying for a leader with some balls. (no pun or side comments intended - but if you wish to think them... :-D ) Seriously, he/they may have long ago tired of Stage Mom's/Diva's drama and tyranny and were grateful for your stand.
But caution(!): don't become what you hate. Don't sweep out one devil in the situation only to invite seven worse ones in.