Monday, January 18, 2010

Going Into The Last Week

Well, I have 40 hours left at the land 'o Bux.  I am not sad at all.  I wish things were a little more settled, but I am not upset to be leaving. 

What I find interesting is the change in attitudes that I see.  Maybe it is just that I am less tense so I am not injecting my tension into the system.  Also the Lead Barista FINALLY CAME OUT!  Not that I didn't have it figured out.  But the Lead has a few control issues.  He told me that that he came out to me because it was the right time.  I know that he had been told that he would be sleeping alone if he didn't come out.  (Oh the stories we tell ourselves!)

I still wonder about my part in this whole thing.  It is no secret that I really don't like the job and that it really is not suited to my personality type.  But I hoped I would be adult enough to put those things aside and just do what I needed to.  However, I just found that it became intolerable.  How do people do this for years and years?  How do intelligent people do menial jobs and not go all postal?

Well, the weekend was busy.  Hopefully after this week there will be a time to rest after this whole ting is done.  And hopefully there will be job appearing soon!

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