Friday, December 04, 2009

Growing Old VS Growing Up

*Some members of family (not Family) may want to skip this as they may be offended.*

In life, becoming old happens, becoming mature takes work. I have seen this adage at work over the past week. I have seen that chronological age has nothing to do with mental age. I know this should be obvious, but some times I need to have the obvious pointed out to me.

The first case has to due with "The Ex." This would be Nick's ex-wife. A LOVELY woman. (please hear dripping sarcasm.) In the short time that I was privileged to be in her presence, I realized she a)is a vile woman; b) has not gotten over Nick; or c) both. She took any opportunity to berate Nick. Of course this was done as "just a joke" but we all know that humor is the last refuge of the passive-aggressive.

I can not fathom how one person could use the situation of another person's parent's death to reopen old wounds and try to prove just how much better that one person is. After 30 years, you would think that proving "I am better than you" would be a hollow victory. And to do this during a funeral is one of the most childish things I have encountered.

I would like to think that people are more noble than this, especially people who work in the health care field.

The other incident involves the Flaming Twink from work.

I get info that there is something afoot with the Twink when the boss asks me if I have taken all of my breaks before the Twink is supposed to get to work. I normally would have one more break to take after he would arrive, so by making sure I had all my breaks in clued me that I would be working alone. (Now what is totally ironic about this whole thing is that The Twink called saying he would be late for work and wanted me to punch him in so he would not be late and not lose his job. Of course, I said, "No.")

Well, The Twink came zooming through and then went home. Later when closer came in, I told her that she would be closing alone. I also said that The Twink should not be surprised by the suspension. (He said himself that his job was in jeopardy.)

Later, I find this on Facebook: " I guess 'had it coming to him' well ] not to name names but your a two faced jerk with no way out. So guess who's life sucks more...I'll wager it's not mine." I know this is coming from a childish 19 year-old, but it still stung. And I didn't say he "had it coming to him." (Which actually he did, but that is another story.)

Has Facebook become the refuge of the passive-aggressive? By posting on FB, he does not have to take responsibility? He didn't defriend me so he must have figured I would see the post. Do we not teach personal accountability and respect.

Oh well, with people like The Ex around raising children, I am not surprised we get people like The Twink. (No, they are not related.)

**Added Later***

Perhaps I am as childish as The Twink by posting this. Perhaps by not contacting The Ex directly, I am being just as immature. I don't know. What I would say as rational, I do not want to have a relationship with this woman and hope to never encounter her again. IDK.


Lemuel said...

I've seen immaturity in persons of all ages in my lifetime. I think most of us have an Achilles heel of immaturity somewhere in our personalities. Most of us have learned how to tame that beast in part because we are aware of it. I am saddened however when I see the structures and mechanisms of life serve to reinforce that unchecked immaturity in persons like the Ex and the Twink. They never understand or admit their immaturity. They attempt to deflect all responsibility onto others and hence they never learn the lessons that can make them the better person.

Urspo said...

The vast majority of mankind is 'asleep', not conscious and frequently quite rude/uncaring to boot
My experience is this is increasing in amounts. The elderly seem far more self centred and childish compared to my grandparent's generation. Youngsters seem even more ugly nowadays.
It is a sad world.