Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Recap

Christmas was interesting this year.  I truly was not looking forward to it in any manner, shape, or form.  I was just looking for ways to get it over.  I did not want to do anything and just wanted to stay home and veg.  Well, I guess it is just such times that surprises occur!

The week before Christmas totally sucked.  I usually don't like to use that term but it is pretty applicable here.  We were working, quite possibly the most busy week of the year, short handed.  And, of course, the customers were idiots.  Some day I will have to post about that, but not now.

The Christmas sermon was a rerun, not that I didn't try to write something.  But after dealing with the wonderful crowds and the early hours at work, I didn't have anything  left to give.

The Christmas Eve service went well.  Nick played the prelude.  We had a member play the flute.  And we had some teens from the congregation playing the guitar.  It was nice.  I felt kind of lost in the whirlwind, but I guess I need to be thankful for people who can pick up the ball and run with it!

Christmas Day involved going to NIck's  sister's house.  Again, I really didn't want to go but had a good time!  How could you not have a good time when you leave with a pooping reindeer and one of the activities involved a reindeer race??  :-)

Unfortunately, I had to open at work the next day, so it was up and at 'em at 4 am on Saturday.  What is getting sad is I forgot to set my alarm and I was still up before it was to go off.  Work was a bit much as I had to open the store from scratch, but I got it done.  Also, the people were nice on Saturday morning.

I was exhausted the rest of Saturday and decided to rerun another sermon.  Not a good sermon, but it was a sermon just the same.  (I really hate not having the time to write a proper sermon.)

Sunday was busy as always with church in the morning at my congregation and church in the afternoon at Nick's congregation.  The drive is getting really old though.  And it was snowing on the way home.  It was pretty, but made driving dicey. 

Now, it is time for work.  Thirty-eight hours in all.  I will try to not get tired and disillusioned. 

If you are the praying type, pray for some breaks on the job front!



Lemuel said...

The most surprising thing in your post was your comment that you were not looking forward to C'mas at all this year. I know how much it appears to mean to you.

Benton said...

It got to the point that Christmas was just becoming another reason to sap into what little energy I had left. I so look forward to Christmas, it hurt to just want to ditch it.

Urspo said...

I am sorry we could not meet up, but as Eleanor once said "there will be other Christmases"
I am not surprised to see you already counting down for the next one.