Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love Christians....

Yes, today I got yelled at by a customer because I wished her "Happy Holidays."   She sneered, "It's 'Merry Christmas'!"

I said that I was, first off, an Episcopalian Priest, and that I have friends who are Jewish, Muslim, and Wiccan.  Since I want to wish all my friends the best of the season, I tend to go with "Happy Holidays." 

She started to say something about Holidays and "Holy Days" and some other thing that made no sense.

So I just wished everyone a "good day" from then on. 

The love of Christ in action! 

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Lemuel said...

It is one thing for Christians to wish others a "Merry Christmas"; it is quite another when "Christians" (quotes intended) *demand* that all others wish them a "Merry Christmas". It immediately shouts out the bankruptcy of their supposed faith and their ignorance of the Christ, his teachings, and his life.