Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts on Depression

I had a friend who once said that varicose veins was proof that we were not an apex species.  I would also say that depression is proof.  How can something that comes into your life and removes all joy be a benefit to a population?

I could see if the depression energized a person to make changes, but it seems to do the opposite; it seems to sap energy.  It seems to leave the person less able to make changes in their life than before the depression set in.  Is it a means of cleaning the filter of the gene pool?

But that would not seem like a possibility, because many who have depression do go on to produce another generation.  Also, depression seems to attack those who do have things that are of benefit to a society.

Why the pondering?  I just had the floor fall out from underneath me, yet again.  I seemed to be doing fine and then I started to contemplate my status in life and began to feel totally lost; totally backed into a corner.  The vacation was nice, but instead of fortifying for continued living, it just brings the frustrations of life into sharp focus.  And when I look around, all I seem to see is what life is not.  I try to look toward the positive things, but these keep getting drown by the frustrations and the let downs.  I really don't want to be doing this any more.

Sorry for the bummer.  I hope it clears the thoughts and lets me go on.


Lemuel said...

I hope that the release of your thoughts does free you to live again. (((BEN)))

Urspo said...

depression may be nature's way to get one to slow down/not run around when things are bad or when energy needs to be conserved - viz. crawl into a ball when it is winter time or in an impossible situation.
there are some animal studies that show some correlation to this.
I know that is not the point of your entry, but I thought it may be comforting in its own way.