Thursday, September 10, 2009


I cannot believe we have gotten to the point where someone would actually call the President "liar" during an address to the congress. But he apologized. Aw, how nice.

Maybe we need to just say "please" and we will get the health care we need. "Oh, please quit hoarding finances into your (how many homes do you have Mr. McCain?) homes and help those who cannot afford to even stay alive! (Hyperbole, I know.)

Other things that have been happening have been problems at work (surprise, surprise!). I guess I am getting close to getting fired because of being back late from breaks and lunch. Not way long, just two minutes late. Really, I have ten years of college and I have to be careful of being two minutes late from a break! I should follow the example of the Lead Barista and just roam around while on the clock. I did not get a break on Tuesday because the management scheduled things so there would have been a new person alone. This person had no experience and could not run the cash register. It is ok that I get no breaks, but I come back late and I get in trouble. And the meeting to "council" me takes longer than two minutes anyway!

Oh well...

Piss and Moan.

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