Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Eulogy for a Poodle

It is kind of weird, having Amber put down is effecting me much more than having Madeline put down. There are several reasons I think this is. One is that dogs are much more part of the "pack" than are cats. Amber would run to the door when you would come in. Claudia actually runs away when the door opens.

I see things of Amber's, her bowls, her leashes, even the container that kept her food. When I see them, I begin to get teary eyed. She was my hiking buddy. She would go bounding through the tall grass. Even when she couldn't see over the grass she would just go, she was always ready to go.

Even thought she was Nick's dog, Amber was an equal-opportunity lover. She was willing cuddle up to anyone.

But she is gone now.

It is just getting to be too much. Between job stress, money problems, idiot coworkers, and now two pets gone. I am feeling like I am losing it and afraid I may never find it again.


Lemuel said...

Oh, how my heart aches for the two of you!! Having lost two pets in such a short time!
I understand completely how you feel. I had to say goodbye to my first dog in 1989. I had her for 14+ years. I still miss her. We immediately replaced her with another and she was with us for 15+ years. I still miss her, too. Now we have the princess and she is about 8 (we've had her for 5). Each of them was a lover, a buddy, a friend who greeted me with a wagging tail and kisses to tell me that I was the most important person in the world. I am sure Amber was like that as well. Hang in there. Remember how important, loving, and loveable Amber told you (and Nick) that you were. She was right. Dogs are a good judge of character and dogs don't lie. HUGS to you both!

Jay said...

I am so sorry, My nephew's dog Max lived with me and he had to have him put down last Friday. There is a big empty spot in my heart even though Bailey is still around. Jon is getting a puppy right away and I hope that will helo him I am thinking about a rescue dog. Sending you white light and Hugs, j

Guest said...

I am sorry for your loss. There is nothing like the death of a pet for pain and sorrow. I was beyond consolation when my cats died.
You have the patience of Job.