Friday, April 17, 2009

Why the Teabaggin Won't Work

The more I watch the news about the Teabagging, the more I realize the problem that they had: Nobody read a poem and it was light out.

The more I watch about protest, the more I figure there has to be something magical about bad poetry and candles. I could help the teabaggers by coming up with words that rhyme with "teabagging:"
  • gagging
  • bragging
  • sagging
  • dragging
And, instead of the Iambic Pentameter, how 'bout we do Limericks! Or, maybe we can be like Emily Dickinson and sing all the poems to "The Yellow Rose of Texas."

And people, really, if we don't have candles, how are people supposed to take this seriously! These teabaggings needed to be at night with candles! I know that you all are suffering. You probably had to use Lipton teabags instead of Tazo. But a few candles would have set the mood! Candles, poetry, a little mood music... Those are all things that make for a good teabagging.

But seriously, what is it about bad things happening in our communities that bring out every wannabe poet and causes a run on the Yankee Candle store? We have to have the protest, or vigil, or whatever, at night so that we can play with fire. And the bad poetry, please...

Now for something completely different..

Moving is going well. We are excited about getting to be in a city again. The weather has been cooperating. My cold seems to finally be getting better. Writing a sermon has not been a priority, but something will come together.

Here is hoping all is well in your world.

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