Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Crazy Making

OK, I am about to take the whole management of the store where I work and throw them into the lake and drown them. They are complete idiots!

Case in point: I did not go to work yesterday. I woke up coughing, stuffed nose, and terrible sore throat. My throat was so sore I thought I may have had strep throat. And as I work with food, I decided not going to work was probably a good thing.

So today, even though I didn't feel much better, I decided to go to work because we are short staffed and I also need the bucks. When I got to work, I got called back to the bosses office and was "counseled" for taking off work. I was reminded that by taking off, it puts my coworkers in a difficult situation. To which I agreed.

Now, I need to mention that this is the first sick day I took since I worked at the place. The first sick day in over a year.

When I got back from the "counseling," I was given a paper and asked to read and sign it. On this paper it said that if we had a sore throat with fever, we weren't supposed to come to work!

So, I followed the directives I signed, and I get a mark on my record for it! Like I said, crazy making.

I did find out that my transfer has been approved, so I will be transferring stores next week. This info kind of led me to step out a bit and slam one of my bosses. She deserved it. She has no idea what is going on at Starbucks but will change the schedule when we give it to her. She placed a new person to work alone for four hours and to close alone. This person was not certified and should not be working alone. It is against the contract the store has with Starbucks. This woman is one of the worst managers I have ever dealt with.

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