Monday, April 30, 2007

Now a Whine From Our Sponsor

Somewhere in my life someone told me somethings that I have believed. And although I have begun to see that these things are wrong, I still want to believe them. I really don’t want to have these images shattered. This two lies are simple: People are innately good; and Hard work and honesty will pay off. And even though I have time and again seen this disproved by life, I still have trouble casting it away.

Again, today, I have seen these principles tossed aside. I had been told last week that I would get a call about working today (Monday). I was also told that although it could not be guarenteed, working was probable and I should wait for a call from Kelly Services. I had not heard anything so I went to the place I worked and checked the assignment board. I was listed on the board under the title “Temp.” So, I was caught in a quandary: did I not go to work because I was not called and then find I was supposed to work? Or, did I go to work only to find I was not supposed to be there? I opted to go to work as this would be the proper thing to do if I was being paid and the employer was counting on me.

As you can probably guess, I got to work and was told, by one of the bosses, “I don’t need you.” I said that I was on the board. He said that I should go to the other part of the building because he did not need me. (I had already started to unpacking pop machines by this point. I believe if you are going to be at work, you should be working.) So I sat and waited for the other boss to arrive. When she got there, she told me that they didn’t need me but that I should wait around to see if anyone doesn’t show up. As you can probably guess, everybody showed up. So I got to go home, at 6:45 am.

Now what honked me off is two of the people who did get to work were two people who just stood around for an hour last Tuesday. Instead of trying to find something to do, they just stood outside and smoked. To me, that smacks of theft: if you are paid to work, you don’t just stand around and smoke for an hour. So, the two who took the place for a ride keep their job, and I, who looked for things to do if I was on the clock, end up going home.

Later, around 9 am, I get a phone call from Kelly services telling me that I shouldn’t go into work today as my position has been ended. Of course, I had already been to work and have returned by this time.

I called back to verify that I have received the call and to say that being called at 9 am for a job where I usually went in at 6 am was “inconvenient” to say the least. I also wondered if since I did go in if I was not entitled to some pay. They said they would get back to me.

And about people being nice…

Companies that won’t hire people but will get temps. Companies that put temps with full time employees even when to do so means that both the temp and them employee is in danger of injury. Companies that will rely on temps but will not extend any security to the temp. Governments that will give cars to judges but expect working folks to drive their own cars and use our tax dollars to pay for the judges cars. Bosses who walk in and say, “We don’t need you.” Why is it so hard to be nice?
It probably has become repetitive, but I am so sick of this whole thing. I am sick of having 10 years of college and am working sweeping floors. It is not that I am too good to sweep floors, it just seems a waste of an education. We also get told how badly the church needs clergy and here I sit, waiting for a call.

Oh, yes, I would like some cheese with this whine.


Anonymous said...

We are so far behind on our requested cheese deliveries here at work that I don't think the cows will ever be able to catch up to the demand on production! LOL!

No, Ben, life is not fair and some people are not nice, but even so you are entitled to your rant.

My own attitude is, though, that we should not lower our standards or sink to the unfairness or meanness of others to get our share of the goods. It is an uphill battle, perhaps a losing one, but I think we need try to live to raise up our world.

Hang in there and do not despair. When its all said and done (and the cheese is delivered), I still think we'll have one hell of a party. I'll bring some crackers. :)

Ur-spo said...

the fact that people are inherently not nice should go along with the concept of original sin, which i think you have as part of your faith?
so life being unfair, people being nasty, is neither surprising or shocking.
Also 'being in the desert' is part of the christian process, no?

I agree though it still hurts.