Friday, April 21, 2006

The coming out process of a pastor.

The whole thing starts here.

Um, what now?

Good Morning Bill,

Hope things are going well with you. Hope the weekend was worshipful.

I have to kind of laugh this morning. I woke up, Said "Good morning" to God and then just kind of laid there. I though, "Ok, so I am gay. Now what do I do?" And I had to laugh. After the rollercoaster of the past weeks, it seems kind of strange.

I know that eventually I will have to talk to my family, but they are hundreds of miles away and it will be a while before it needs to effect them. Eventually I will have to talk to my associate too, but that is a while away. Right now I have not done (nor forsee doing in the near future) anything that would cause the heirarchy of the church to roll its' eyes. Ok, confesion moment, I have checked out some of the porn sites, but this is not a new behavior, just the sites have changed. History tells that this behavior will slow down too.

So, I am kind of feeling a little disoriented after all the emotion. Back to the cleaning the litterbox and mopping the bathroom. I guess that is good.

Thanks for your ear,


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