Monday, August 08, 2011

Recent Purchases

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 Sometimes you go to the antique mall and don't find much of anything.  Then you go and see something that makes you laugh for hours on end.  Well, today, Nick and I were walking through a local antique mall and saw the
poodle platter that you see here.  We started laughing and decided that it was just about the ugliest things either of us have ever seen in our lives.
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As fate would have it, we went walking on through the mall and fund the lamp that you see here.  And "yes" he does have a posing strap on.  Of course, when we saw it we decided we needed to have it.

Now, granted, we are a bit strapped for money, but there are some things you see and you know that you will never see anything like this again.  To find two in one day ranks in the "Jackpot!" category.

Some things are ugly, and some are so ugly they transcend and become something more.  These have transcended and are now part of the decor of Chez Nick-Benton!


Buddy Bear said...

I love the lamp! It would be impossible to resist! My grandmother was given a similar lamp in the 50s, except it was a naked Greek lady. She found its nakedness offensive so she sewed a little toga for it to wear.

BentonQuest said...

And the picture does not do it justice! It is approx 2 feet tall. It is just great. It is the first piece of "Homo Art" Nick and I bought together. I made some stained glass, but this is the first purchase.

Unknown said...

Your blog let me comment!!!!

I love them both; I'd give anything to attend a cocktail party where snacks were being served on that platter!

Cubby said...

Can anything beat the male form? Not by a long shot.

Ur-spo said...

alas I already got one.

Beartoast said...

You can make him a leather outfit, and a cowboy outfit, and a whole wardrobe. What a find