Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have had it.  If you asked me if I would do the whole thing over again, the answer would be "NO!"  Maybe even, "HELL NO!"

Life in the church has been nothing but a complete frustration.  And when I look at things that seem so totally set in stone, I have to ask:  What is the common denominator here?  That would be me.  So I would appear that I am not fit to do this task.

I am getting sick of living in the city.  I am sick of fighting among people.  I am sick of what is presented to the world as Christianity.  I was so hoping for things to calm down and it looks as if things are just as messed up as before.

The "Sure Thing" for this fall appears to be crumbling.  The financial safety net that was supposed to be there is full of holes.  The bills are piling up and the money that was supposed to pay for them is not going to appear.  And if feels like the whole situation will be chalked up to "Oh well" by those in the higher echelons.  I am still paying for this stupid degree and now the thought of it makes me nauseous.

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