Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year Check-in

Well, I know I haven't been too good about blogging.  I really didn't want to be whining all the time.  Things here in St. Swithin's Land have been pretty intense.  I just love getting hate mail and having false accusations thrown around.  I love it when the Bishop says we need to get over our differences and then the moment he walks out the door having two board members start attacking.  Even after the Bishop told the board that they were NOT my boss, the attacks continued.

Now we have the situation where one of the board members complained during the entire Christmas Eve service that it was not being done right and that we were not singing the right songs and all of this should have been planned weeks before...only to find that she left a resignation letter in my mail box.  If she was going to quit, why complain?  I have a degree in psych and I still don't get it.

The Bishop also told people that the Ministry Review was NOT a review of me.  But certain people kept saying that according to the contract, there needed to be a review.  Even after the Bishop said that he was my boss and he would decide when a review was needed, there was still argument that it was in the contract so it needed to occur.  (Again, the review IS for the congregation and the ministry of the congregation, not a review of me.)

What I find interesting is that the contract also says that I am supposed to get a physical every year, that they pay for, and I am supposed to get $500 for supplies that they are to pay for.  These points of the contract have conveniently ignored.

My anger with this situation is the selective reading of the contract:  when it suits them, they pick over it with a fine tooth comb; when it will cost them money, they conveniently ignore things.  Also, the Bishop said, "The contract is with me, not Fr. Ben.  If you have problems, contact me." (He is the first signature on it.)

So it has been a wonderful Christmas.  I am so ready to just walk away from the whole thing.  I find myself getting angry and easily irritated.  This is not fair to Nick at all.

A letter has been written which basically say to one couple in particular, "Your childish behavior needs to stop."  We will see how that goes over.  Probably like a fart in church.

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