Wednesday, January 05, 2011

More Late Night Thoughts

Actually, as of late, it seems like I have been sleeping less and futzing more.  To fall asleep after midnight is becoming more and more common.

I have gotten a letter written and approved by the Bishop, but I am constantly second guessing myself as to whether I should send it or not.  I really am not one who likes to cause problems and I am afraid that this letter is going to cause a BIG problem.  I am basically telling the Former Secretary to get on board or to leave.  I am concerned also for her husband because he can actually be nice at times.  He is also the reason people gave for why they are members of the church.  Just to boot him out is not a good thing.  And even though I tell them that I am not kicking them out of the congregation, I am afraid that is how it is going to be seen.

But to have them stay and undermine anything that I try to do is not ok either.

I just want to move to Montana and have a studio out in the woods where I can make stained glass and have naked soaks in the hot springs.

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suz said...

You know your letter is not the problem...
They have pushed and pushed, and, to a degree, gotten away with it. They have told you in no uncertain terms that the only way YOU can be a part of THEIR church is to lay down flat while they run over you. What choice do you have? Is the church worth it? Yes it will get uglier. You could walk away and let it be ugly in your absence, or you can fight to end the ugliness.

Love to you!