Friday, November 06, 2009

Yes, I Hate Her.

I was all ready to go out on a major job hunt.  I was about to pitch the whole church thing and decide that being a clergy being was now something that was in my past.  I was all ready to tell the deacon that we needed to start working on how to move myself out of the congregation and how to get the congregation relying on themselves.  I was all ready to have this happen!  Well, yep, you guessed it!


The deacon (actually, Archdeacon) told me that after talking with the Bishop and telling him about what has been happening with the congregation, she is going to back out of the picture and I am being allowed to fly solo.  She said that I needed to get everyone out of my way and just be allowed to be.  She told me she has seen immense growth in this congregation and is very excited about what is happening! 

I was a bit whiny about how hard things have been going lately, but the deacon said, "God NEVER promised it was going to be easy."

I still want to find a new job, though.  I need to get out of Starbucks land and get somewhere where I can work and where the job doesn't attack me as a person.

I had the day off today and was quite irresponsible!  It was wonderful! 

Tomorrow, I have to get a sermon done.  Have to work on glass.  And have to do some research on baptisms.  Nick will be gone for the day and for Sunday, so I will be, to quote Lemuel, Homo Alone.  Hopefully I will be able to get a lot done tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Darn! Not if I had anything to do with it and was about 8 hours closer! *wink and grin*
BTW, it is small comfort, but perhaps the fact that you are running into "challenges" with the church speaks seriously to your effectiveness. It strikes me as a good sign that the Archdeacon and Bishop are giving you some space (i.e., trusting you) to do your own leadership.

cb said...

YOu know, I totally hate the "God never said it would be easy" or "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle" argument. It's so frustratingly smarmy to hear.